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Why is my DSL internet so slow?

Why is my DSL internet so slow?

First, start by testing your internet speed on our Speed Test

Filters & Splitters

One of the most frequent causes of slow DSL internet is that the filters and splitter are not connected properly. Every device that connects to your phone line must be plugged into a working splitter before being plugged into a phone jack. Our DSL router MUST be plugged into the DSL side of a splitter, and not into the filter side of the splitter.

Access Point

If you have a wireless router plugged in behind our DSL router, make sure that your wireless router was installed as an Access Point and not as a router. Speak with the manufacturer of your wireless equipment for instructions on how to set their equipment up as an Access Point only. 

Wireless Devices

Wireless routers and access points manage bandwidth by equally splitting the available bandwidth to every device connected to them – two wireless devices will each get half of the available bandwidth; three devices will each get a third of the available bandwidth, and so on. This is true for every connected device that is turned on, even if you are not using the device. Turn off all devices that are not being used.


The farther you are away from your wireless access point with a wireless connected device the slower the connection speed that wireless device becomes. Walls, doors, and other objects can interfere with the wireless access point’s signal. Wireless TV connections (including Netflix and streamed movies) are extremely vulnerable to this condition. Try moving closer to the wireless access point, use an ethernet cable in place of wireless, or purchase a wireless extender to help this situation. 

Old Equipment

Older outdated devices will not give you the performance you expect from your internet service. You will generally have better performance from a device that is less than 5 years old. Update your devices regularly and use a firewall and virus protection on your computer at all times. 


We recommend a minimum of 4 – 6 Mbps downstream connection to regularly view video. Also note, just because you may be viewing video on a computer screen or small device does not mean that the video was originally sized/intended for a small device. You will have a better video viewing experience if you discontinue all other activities on your service when trying to watch steamed content.


Internet service does have a prime time. For general web surfing this usually is not a problem, but streaming video and music during this time can cause congestion in the network. Many providers limit how much bandwidth their customers can use in a given period of time, we do not prefer that kind of service limiting DSL/Internet model, and believe our customers do not prefer it either. We are continually looking for ways to increase our backbone bandwidth in cost responsible ways as we want our DSL/Internet service to be cost effective for our customers.

Landline trouble

If you are experiencing problems with your phone service, it may also cause your DSL/Internet to work inefficiently. If you are still experiencing problems after you have ruled out the other options mentioned above please, call in a trouble report to our customer service department.

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